Write the best ad message

Your ad message is more than just a couple of lines about your store — it’s a powerful tool that urges more users to click on your ads, and, as a result, brings you more sales. What’s more, a poorly written ad copy can ruin your campaign and even cause you some trouble if it doesn’t comply with Facebook Ads Policies.

Before you proceed, make sure that you know what the ad message is and how to change it.

In this article you can learn:

How do I write a great ad message that sells?

Here are some tips for writing a great ad message that makes people click on the ad — you can copy the examples and use them :)

1. Make the message short

Amazing products for the whole family.  Shop now!

ORChristmas sale is here. Come choose great presents for your friends and family!


Looking for something? Come check out our new products!


Haven’t seen you for a while. Ready to make a purchase yet?

2. Use dynamic product tags — special bits of code that get replaced by the following info in the actual ad:

  • {{product.name}} — name of the product (just like it is displayed in your store)
  • {{product.price}} — price of the product

Note: If you decide to use dynamic tags in your message, they will only be turned into product name and price in the actual ad. The preview in the app will display them as tags.

Buy {{product.name}} for only {{product.price}}. Hurry while supplies last!


Recently you checked out {{product.name}}. Come see what else we’ve got!


We’ve still got one {{product name}} just for you! Get it before it’s sold out!


A {{product.name}} for only {{product.price}}? Yes — but just for you and just in our store. Shop now! :)

3. Make the message appealing and, if possible, humorous

There’s never a bad time to buy yourself a new watch ;)


 Making you happy is our first priority! Quality products for low price – just for you

4. Include questions to the user

Have you heard about our seasonal sale?


Need great deals on car parts? Look no further!

5. Include up-to-date information about special deals, sales and promos

Up to 50% discount on all full dresses -— only in November!


It’s Christmas time! Save your money with our “Buy 2 —get 1 free” special offer. (this is good for November and December)

6. Include the information about perks for customers, like gift packaging or free delivery

Free international shipping on all orders over $100. Offer valid through December, 31st


You buy it – we wrap it. Free gift wrapping for all orders – enter FGW at checkout.

7. Set up a promo code for a small discount (5-10%) to engage the users

Psst! Get a smashing 10% off your  next purchase – just enter  10OFF at checkout!


You are just one step away from saving on your favorite T-shirts! Use promo code 1STEP

8. Include emoji. You can copy them from this website

👋 Hey there! It’s our birthday! 🎉 But you are the one getting presents 🎁 Buy any sweater and get another one free 👍


Great products for cat lovers 😸  Shop meow!

9. Include call to action, e.g. Check it out! Shop Now! Hurry up! Come back! etc.

We’ve got a new collection! Check it out! :)


Winter sale ends tomorrow. Hurry up!

10.  Mind your audience. Write messages that a certain group of people can relate to

Ladies, we are happy to present a new fragrance “Forever Yours”. Get 10% off it this week!


We all know how hard it is to be a nurse. Celebrate your hard work with our cool nurse accessories!

11. Stay relevant. Make your ad message about your products, not some general notions and ideas

Comfortable shoes and boots for every day.


Feeling hungry? Order your dinner from us!



What is not allowed in ad messages?

Naturally, there are some things you have to avoid at all costs. Examples listed here are so bad that we won’t let you copy them :) Just make sure that none of the things listed below can be found in your ad message — otherwise, you are putting yourself at risk of the ad getting disapproved despite all your effort.

1. Don’t write messages that are longer than 500 symbols — they will be partly hidden
Hi there! Have you heard that, on average, every American family spends over 1/3 of their free time on shopping for household products such as laundry detergent or dryer sheets? Well, guess what: you can now use this time for something way more productive as we now offer one-click, renewable delivery orders for household supplies, groceries and more, while you can take the free time you won back to enjoy yourself and the company of your loved ones with a cup of coffee or enjoy a nice board ga See more

2. Don’t overdo with capital letters and other forms of “gimmicky” text

Note: Writing all this in lower case and with fewer exclamation marks will work totally fine. It’s all about the style




WhY nOt CoMe To OuR aWeSoMe StOrE tOday??!!


3.Don’t include questions that are too personal or rude
When will you stop being fat?


Are you single and lonely?

4. Don’t forget to update your ad message at least once a month —otherwise, your ad will be irrelevant and odd
It’s Christmas time! Save your money with our “Buy 2-get 1 free” special offer. (this is not good for April…unless you have this promo all year)
5. Don’t violate copyright and/or trademarks — it’s both unethical and illegal
Buy Disney, Marvel, Pixar, Pokemon and Harry Potter apparel all in one place.


Our prices are approved by Spiderman!

6. Never mention any products (e.g. weapons and ammunition) or services (e,g. lotteries, dating etc.) specifically prohibited by Facebook Ads Guidelines
Self-defense gear — knives and knuckle bars – for sale. Don’t let others hurt you!


Get rich quickly! Work from home!

7. Never use words like FB, FACEBOOK, POKE etc. as a part of your promocode
Yahoo! We are giving away discount coupons. Use code FACEBOOK20 to get a 20% discount.
8. Don’t use bad grammar and spelling. This also refers to foul language, insults and provocative statements. General guideline is very simple — be nice
 We is happy to be prezent this good products to you! Come buy from us.


Da*** are you waiting for? Get your a** up and buy our caps. What are you waiting for, chicken?

9. Avoid making unrealistic promises, claims of fast recovery,  weight loss, quick profit, perfect body etc.
 Lose 20 pounds in 2 days with our crazy good vitamins.


Your hair instantly becomes healthier! Just one drop of MegaShampoo! Buy it here!

10. Under no circumstances promote the sale or use of alcohol, tobacco, illegal, recreational and prescription drugs, as well as any other prohibited and restricted substances
Bottoms up! Exclusive cognacs and wines — just at our store!


Relax! It’s 4:20 ;) Tobacco, liquids for g-pens and something else ;)

11. Never emphasize gender, ethnic, cultural or professional differences of the user

Only real men buy our stuff!


Perfect products for immigrants!

Don’t just stop on one option. Come up with a few ad messages, change them from time to time to see, which one is more effective. If you need ad message suggestions, you can always 
ask us for them.

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