Will the ads run under your ad account or mine?

To run a retargeting campaign for you, RetargetApp creates a separate, brand new ad account just for your store inside our Business Manager. This is done for the following reasons:

  • up to 20% of our customers don’t have their own ad account.
  • we want to make sure that we have a 24/7 access to the campaign as our algorithm constantly makes changes to make it more profitable.
  • we don’t want to put your ad account at risk if the ad gets declined for some reason.
  • we want to ensure the incessant run of the campaign even if your own ad account is temporarily disabled.

So, the campaign won’t appear inside your Ads Manager, however, you will always see the up-to-date metrics on your app dashboard, and, if you ever need a detailed Facebook report on your campaign performance, you can always request it from Support. We are there for you.

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