What do I do if my transaction was declined?

Sometimes when you try to make a payment, you see that the transaction was not successful. A processor decline indicates that your bank has refused the transaction request. Only your bank can confirm the specific reason.

Transaction can be declined because:

  • you may have entered incorrect credit card number, expiration date or CVV
  • your card doesn’t have sufficient funds to process the payment.
  • you’ve reached you daily or monthly spending limit or a limit on Internet payments
  • your card has a ban on Internet payments which can only be lifted by contacting the bank

Some banks can also reject charges based on location or their own fraud rules.

To avoid the decline, please:

  • be attentive when you input the information. Double-check all the digits before you submit them
  • always make sure that your card has sufficient funds before you try to process the payment
  • increase or remove daily/monthly spending limit or limit on Internet payments
  • contact your bank to inquire why exactly the transaction has failed and ask them to approve it

How do I get my campaign resumed after the decline?

RetargetApp: What to do if the transaction

Once you are sure that the issue with the bank is solved,  you can click Try Again or use a different card by clicking Change Payment Method in Billing section. If there still appears to be a problem, please, contact Support.

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