Why is RetargetApp report different from other data I have?

Data reported by Facebook doesn’t always 100% match the data you get from other sources such as Shopify, Google Analytics and any other 3rd-party reporting services.

The main reason why this may be happening is because Facebook tracks all the user actions which took place up to 1 day after viewing the ad and up to 28 days after clicking on the ad. In other words, Facebook records conversions if the ad was viewed (but not necessarily clicked on) and the purchase was made within 24 hours from the last time the user saw an ad.

Note: RetargetApp dashboard displays all the results achieved up to 1 day after viewing the ad and up to 7 days after clicking on the ad

Here are the possible options of how the user actions can be tracked on Facebook (and, therefore, displayed on your RetargetApp dashboard):

RetargetApp: Purchase tracking option


Note: These scenarios are possible in any type of Facebook ad you may consider running.

Facebook reports may not match the reports from Google Analytics due to the cross-platform user experiences (when the product and the ad were viewed on different devices). There also may be discrepancies connected with the use of secure connection protocol. To learn more, please, read what are the differences between third-party ad reporting and Facebook Ads

If you have any suggestion about how the purchases should be tracked, please, contact Support – we always appreciate customer feedback.

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