Where does the data on the dashboard come from?

The results you see on your dashboard and inside the detailed report are taken from Facebook.

For a better understanding of the data provided on the dashboard, we can provide on-demand detailed Facebook reports on your campaign performance. To request such report, please, contact Support and specify the dates for which you’d like to see the detailed stats.

Note that apart from the standard campaign performance report that we provide, you can also request reports with the following breakdowns:

  • by Placement/Device
  • by Age/Gender
  • by Country
  • by Day/Week/Month

We are always trying to make your retargeting experience better by improving our app, so we would really appreciate it if you could tell us how exactly each type of the reports is beneficial for your business and what kind of decisions you make based on it. Just drop us a couple of lines together with your next request.

You can also learn why RetargetApp report can be different from other data that you have.

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