What does RetargetApp do?

RetargetApp  lets store owners  launch Product Dynamic Advertising (retargeting campaigns) on Facebook in 30 sec.

What are Facebook Dynamic Ads?

Imagine if you could reach out to the people who have recently visited your store, but didn’t place an order. Or, even better, reach out to those who have added items to the cart and left without checking out.  With RetargetApp, you can craft a unique message and offer it to them. Everything is already setup and ready to go, you just need to focus on making a great pitch.

So, what do we do?

The benefit for you is rather clear – you set up the campaign, leave the rest to us and boost your sales. It has proven to be effective on multiple occasions with the average ROI of 1000%.

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Get started with RetargetApp

Launch a campaign and re-engage your customers with the Dynamic Retargeting on Facebook. Use RetargetApp dashboard to see what they buy on your website.

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