Understand your campaign results

The results you see on your RetargetApp dashboard and inside the detailed report are taken directly from Facebook.  All the data is tracked by a Facebook pixel which is automatically added to your website when you install RetargetApp.

All the events on the dashboard are recorded after your store visitor leaves the website without buying anything and later sees a retargeting ad powered by RetargetApp. Stats show everything that happened 24 hours after the ad was seen by a user or 7 days after it was clicked on. This article gives a more detailed explanation on how various conversions are attributed. You can also filter the stats by set date ranges.

Note that Facebook uses tracking methods that are slightly different from those used by Shopify and Google. This is why Facebook report won’t always 100% coincide with what you see in your store or the data on Google Analytics. This happens for a few reasons, including using different domains, different protocol types and cross-device experiences. You can learn more about the possible reason for differences in reporting from this Facebook article.

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