My campaign is “Active” but there are no numbers in the dashboard. What’s going on?

If you see that your campaign has been approved for more than 24 hours, but ads are still not delivering and all the dashboard numbers are 0, here’s a list of some possible reasons:

Facebook needs more time to build the audience

  • If you have more than 100 visitors a day, the campaign will most likely start delivering ads very soon.  Please, give Facebook a bit more time.
  • If you are sure that you have 100+ visitors daily and the campaign didn’t start delivering the ads 48 hours after it became Active, please, contact our support at – we will be happy to help you as quickly as it’s possible.

Your store doesn’t have sufficient audience.

  • Facebook  requires at least 100 unique product views for the last 24 hours, If your traffic is less than 100 visitors a day, don’t panic – just wait for 7 days since the campaign approval to let Facebook track all your visitors.
  • If the campaign did not start delivering ads 7 and more days after it became active, you can request a refund of all the unspent ad credit. To do so, please, contact us via in-app chat  or send an e-mail to

Tip: You can launch retargeting campaigns using standard Custom Audience feature in Facebook Ads manager or Power Editor. Here is a useful article on how to do it:

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