Are my payments with RetargetApp secure?

Yes. RetargetApp proudly serves customers all around the world and takes payment security very seriously.

RetargetApp: Payment security

The credit card details you enter are 100% secure thanks to Braintree


To make sure that all the transactions between you and the app are safe, we use the highly professional services of Braintree — a PayPal company that specializes in mobile and web payment systems for e-commerce companies. Braintree is trusted by leading world’s payment systems — it is on the list of approved service providers for both Visa and MasterCard.

Here is what you need to know about the payment security:

  • RetargetApp doesn’t store any of your credit card details.
  • All the data kept by Braintree is securely encrypted and theft-proof.
  • No verification codes (such as CVC2 or CVV2) are stored by either RetargetApp or Braintree.
  • Neither RetargetApp nor Braintree will ever pass any of your financial information to the third party
  • RetargetApp will never use your financial info for any purpose other than charging you for the retargeting campaign you launched with RetargetApp.
  • RetargetApp doesn’t have access to the payment methods you have connected to your Shopify account or Facebook Ads Manager/Business Manager.
  • In the case of the refund, the money can only be returned to the bank account it originally came from.

If, at any point, you get under impression that something is wrong with the payment you’ve made to RetargetApp, please, contact Support immediately.