Know when to adjust your daily budget

Before you proceed, please, make sure that you know what the daily budget is and how you can change it.

In this article you will learn:

What daily budget do I choose?

When you start your campaign, you select your daily budget based on the number of people who came to your website in the course of the past 24 hours. Follow these guidelines:

RetargetApp: daily budget recommendations

Note: You cannot set a daily budget lower than 5 USD/day.

When do I need to adjust the budget?

The guideline for budget adjustment is fairly simple: if you consistently spend your whole daily budget, you need to increase it.

If you need advice on whether to adjust your budget or not, please, contact Support.

Note: The sum of your next billing will be determined by the current budget you have in place, so if you increase the budget, be prepared for a bill that is higher that the previous one. Be sure that you know how the billing works.

Do I always get better results if I set a higher budget?

Only if the increase decision was made based on the audience size and spending tendencies. The whole point of increasing the daily budget is reaching out to a bigger portion of your audience. However, if you spend 50% or less of your daily budget on a regular basis, increasing it will not improve the campaign stats.

What happens with the unspent daily budget?

Let’s say, you set $10 as your daily budget and only spent $7.50. What happens to the other $2.50? Nothing :) The money just stays on your app balance and can be used on ads later on. Your in-app balance doesn’t have an expiration date — the funds stays there until you either use it up on ads or request a refund from us.

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