I’m stuck on Facebook Page section step

Make sure that your page Published and Opened for everyone

For some reason Facebook  doesn’t let us send the notification to a page which is hidden/not available for everyone. Page should published and not have any country restrictions.

  • Please, check the following in your business page Settings:

Facebook business page Settings


Then, please login to RetargetApp and choose the preferred page again.

It is possible that Facebook didn’t send our app all necessary data or something else went wrong.

Here are help steps:

  • Turn off “Ad Block” extensions (If you have)
  • Uninstall and Install the app with the other browser (Safari or Chrome)
  • Click to the first circle of current step and choose the page again (see screenshot).

Choose first step while installing RetargetApp

If nothing else works, please, message us via email with the link to the page you would like to connect.

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