How to use Dynamic Tags in Ad Message?

With RetargetApp you can set special {{tags}} to Campaign Ad Message, that will upload a necessary parameter based on the product that the viewer sees in his ad.

For example, if you add tags  {{}} and {{product.price}} into the ad message, RetargetApp will automatically insert the name and the

Message:  “Get {{}} only for {{product.price}} in January!”

will look like this:
Message in Facebook retargeting campaign

Here’s a list of all the tags you can use:

  • {{}} – name of the product (just like it is displayed in your store)
  • {{product.price}} – price of the product

If you use tags in your ad message, you can make the retargeting campaign more personal for each of the visitors and have more chances that the potential customer will return to your website.

*Note that you can also provide discounts to your customers via a discount promo code, like in the example below:


You were looking for  {{}}, look what else we’ve got:

✓ Use  “SANTA” to get 30% off

✓ 1-2 days delivery

✓ 14 days return


How to edit your Ad Message:

  1. Go to your dashboard
  2. Click “Edit Campaign”
  3. Put text you prefer and click “Save”

RetargetApp Dashboard


RetargetApp Edit Campaign Page

That’s it!

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