How often is the product info updated?

To run a retargeting campaign for you, we create a special file containing all the info about your website products called a product catalog. This catalog gets synchronized with your Shopify store once a day to make sure that it only contains up-to-date product names, descriptions, images and prices. Here’s what happens every 24 hours:

  • The products you deleted are removed from the catalog
  • New products you’ve recently added appear in the catalog
  • Prices and product descriptions for all the products are updated

Note: the changes you’ve made to product list inside your Shopify store will only take effect when the campaign is active.

This means that if you make any changes to products inside your Shopify store, it may take them up to 24 hours to take effect in the retargeting campaign. If you made major changes to your product list and would like to update the catalog immediately, please, contact Support — we are always happy to help.

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