How many website visitors are required to use RetargetApp?

RetargetApp has 1 requirement only:

  • Your store must have at least 100 unique product views for the last 24 hours in order to start delivering the ads. (according to the official Facebook Docs). Otherwise your campaign will be Active, but will not start delivering the ads until store matches the minimum required amount.

Don’t have required audience?

You can still give it a shot:) In our practice Facebook can start delivering the ads with smaller amount of visitors, too. You can start a campaign with a minimum daily budget ($5) and keep it active for at least 7 days so that Facebook tracks all your visitors.

We then will have a look at the results, and, if you campaign will not start delivering the ads, you can stop the campaign at any time and ask for a refund of all the unused ad credit. 

Also, here is good article on how to find more sales channels:

Get started with RetargetApp

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