Where can I find my campaign results?

There are three easy ways to track your campaign performance: RetargetApp Dashboard, Facebook Report and Google Analytics.

RetargetApp Dashboard

Once you install the app, it automatically adds Facebook Pixel, with the help of which the app tracks all users’ actions since the moment they first saw the ad. RetargetApp collects and sends all the necessary metrics right to your Dashboard.

To see the key performance indicators of your campaign, log in to Shopify, select Apps in the menu on the left and choose RetargetApp or simply click here.

RetargetApp Dashboard

Facebook Report

If you would like to get some in-depth insights into your campaign, metrics on the Dashboard may not be enough. This is why we provide our customers with on-demand detailed Facebook reports with metrics like CPC etc.

To get a report with a product breakdown or a weekly update on your campaign performance, just contact our support via in-app messenger or e-mail at help@retargetapp.com.

Report with a product breakdown


Note: To run your campaign, we create a separate Ad Account just for you inside our Business Manager. This is done to keep your own  Ad Account risk-free and enable us to swiftly make all the necessary changes to your campaign. So, you won’t be able to view the ad stats in your Ads Manager or Business Manager, but we will gladly help you change any settings or provide you with a report whenever you need one.

Google Analytics

You can also see the campaign results in Google Analytics with the help of the following UTM tags:

  • source: Facebook
  • medium: remarketing
  • campaign name: RetargetApp.com

Note:  Facebook and Shopify / Google Analytics use different technologies to track the campaign results, so the numbers in Google Analytics may be slightly different for the following reason:

  • Facebook uses “cookies”
  • Google Analytics use UTM links or Referral as source

So, as Facebook uses “cookies”, it means that Facebook will track Purchases as “conversion” from users that click the Ad, leave your website without purchase and then make a purchase via another channel.

For example,

  • user goes to Facebook, clicks to Ad and doesn’t Purchase item
  • user visits Instagram, clicks to your website again and makes a Purchase

In this case Facebook will track this user as “Conversion” (Purchase) and so will RetargetApp, but Google Analytics  will track this Purchase from Instagram.

Under these circumstances, in order to see results the same way Facebook does, you can check  “Assisted Conversions” tab inside your Google Analytics. You can find it in Conversions–> Multi-Channel Funnel –> Assisted Conversions.

Google Analytics's Assisted Conversions

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