How does RetargetApp charge my Account?

RetargetApp was designed with one thing in mind – customer comfort. Our payment system is easy to understand, transparent and requires minimum action from the user. Here are its guiding principles:

- You set a daily budget. Daily budget is a maximum amount your campaign will spend within a 24-hour period. You choose it based on the volume of your daily website audience. You can find the recommendations inside the app.

In-app daily budget recommendations from RetargetApp
- You are always billed according to the same easy formula

Daily budget x 7+10% RetargetApp fee.

So, for example, if you choose $20 daily budget, your charge will be $20 x 7 + 10% RetargetApp fee, which makes it $154.

- Each cent you pay works for you. If, for some reason, your campaign spends less than its daily budget, the remaining money will stay on your account to be later spent on ads. You are only charged again when your balance within the app is $0.00.

The daily budget goes to be paid for Facebook Ads, while the fee goes to cover the services of RetargetApp, which include, but are not limited to monitoring your campaign, improving bids, maximising your sales and providing customer support.

Note: You are billed based on your current daily budget. This means that, if you started out with a daily budget of $10 and your total charge was $77 ($10*7+$7) but you then changed your daily budget to $20, your next charge will be $154 ($20*7+$14).

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