How does RetargetApp billing work?

Before you continue, please, make sure that you know what a daily budget is and how you can change it.

Here you can find the answers to the following questions:

How am I billed?

  • You are charged for the 7 days of service ahead. This is currently the only payment option we provide.
  • You are always billed according to the same easy formula:

RetargetApp: Total Payment = (Daily Budget x 7 Days) + 10% RetargetApp Fee

Example: If the daily budget is 10$, total payment is $77 = ($10/day x 7 days)+ 10% RetargetApp fee, which is $70+$7.

The daily budget goes to your app balance and is spent on Facebook ads. 10% fee is calculated based on your daily budget and goes to RetargetApp for creation and maintenance of your campaign.

  • The billing from RetargetApp is automatic and reoccurring. In other words, as long as your campaign is active, delivers ads and spends money, you will be charged every time your app balance is $0.00.
  • You are billed in USD or in equivalent in your national currency. You can use debit or credit cards issued by Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express to pay for RetargetApp.

Note: RetargetApp is not responsible for any additional fees connected with the exchange of your local currency to USD.

When am I billed?

  • the first payment — when your campaign is approved and becomes active.
  • the second and all consecutive payments — every time your in-app balance reaches $0.00.

Note: In case of overspend (normally, up to $1.00), the overspent sum is added to the next charge from RetargetApp.

What if my payment was declined?

If there was a problem with the payment to RetargetApp, please, check the details of the card you’ve entered and contact your bank to inquire about the reason for the decline. You can also learn more about the possible reasons for the unsuccessful payment

If your payment was declined, your campaign will be automatically paused. It will be resumed once the payment is processed.

How do I stop the billing?

If you don’t want to be billed by RetargetApp, please, click “Pause Campaign” on your dashboard. This will stop the delivery of the ads. The budget will not be spent when the campaign is paused, and, therefore, it won’t be able to reach $0.00. As a result, you won’t be billed until you decide to resume the campaign and the current budget is completely spent.