I have a store with multiple niches. How do I connect several Facebook pages?

Currently, RetargetApp supports only one page per campaign (and only one campaign per one Shopify account), as, by default, all of your products are already included in this campaign.

If you have a store with multiple niches, there are two options you can choose from:

  • You can create a general page for your Shopify store (if you haven’t yet) and connect it to the campaign so that you could retarget all products from your store regardless of the niche and keep your ads relevant,


  • You can choose to focus on one niche only – in this case, you can connect the Facebook page dedicated to this niche and only products from it will be shown in ads. However, for this setup to work, you will need to notify the support about your decision prior to the campaign launch and send us the URL of the collection/niche you’d like to focus on.

Note that you can change the setup at any time during the campaign run  — just contact Support.

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