How do I change Facebook Page?

To change the Facebook page connected to your app, you should click  “Edit Campaign” button on the dashboard. Then you need to choose another page you’d like to advertise with.

After choosing new page you’ll be requested to grant RetargetApp the permission again.

Here’s where you need to look for the request:

  • Go to your Facebook page → Settings → Notifications → Requests  and respond to the request from RetargetApp.

Note: You must be the admin of the page.

  • If your Facebook page is owned by Business Manager, check your email inbox or go to your Business Manager’s settings and check the “Requests” section.

Note E-mail  is commonly found in the “Social” tab of your mailbox. If the letter is there, open it, click on the link and grant the permission.

If nothing else works, please, send message to our support with the link to the page you would like to connect.

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