How can I pause/resume a campaign?

RetargetApp: Pause Campaign

If you would like to pause your campaign, you need to go to the app dashboard and click “Pause Campaign” button. While your campaign is paused, your ads will not be delivered and you will not spend your in-app balance. Consequently, while the campaign is on pause, you cannot be charged by RetargetApp. However, your website visitors will still be tracked, so, when you resume the campaign, they will all be shown ads with the products they previously viewed.

When you are ready to resume campaign, just go to your app dashboard and click “Resume Campaign”. Note that the changes you’ve made to product list inside your Shopify store will only take effect when the campaign is resumed. 

If you don’t seem to be able to pause or resume campaign from your dashboard, please, contact Support — we will be happy to help.

Note: if you delete RetargetApp, your campaign is paused automatically. To resume the campaign in this case, you will need to install RetargetApp again and then click resume campaign on the app dashboard.

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