About Retargetapp

What does RetargetApp do?

RetragetApp lets store owners launch Product Dynamic Advertising (retargeting campaigns) on Facebook in 30 sec.

What are Facebook Dynamic Ads?

Imagine if you could reach out to the people who have recently visited your store, but didn’t place an order. Or, even better, reach out to those who have added items to the cart and left without checking out. With RetargetApp, you can craft a unique message and offer it to them. Everything is already setup and ready to go, you just need to focus on making a great pitch.

So, what do we do?

The benefit for you is rather clear – you set up the campaign, leave the rest to us and boost your sales. It has proven to be effective on multiple occasions with the average ROI of 1000%.

Will RetargetApp help me get more sales?


Dynamic Retargeting is known to be the most powerful marketing strategy to date. It allows the right person to see the right ad with up to five products directly embedded. Behind the scenes, we are continuously optimizing the way we bid for the ads that are shown. By doing so, we’ve reduced the average cost per visitor to nearly a half of what the industry standard is. 

Who will see RetargetApp Ads?

RetaregtApp will reach your website visitors who visited products pages or added products to cart, but didn’t buy them for the last 7 days.

You can see how it works in this video:

Find out more here.


What's the cost of using RetargetApp?

We take 10% of the budget you spent on Advertising within our app. That’s it! Find out more here.

How does RetargetApp charge my Account?

The app will automatically bill you for the week beforehand once the ad is launched and actually spent money. Here’s an easy formula: Daily budget x 7+10%. Find out more here.

How am I billed?

You are billed for 7 days of service ahead. The first charge happens when you launch the campaign, the second and all consecutive charges are recurring and happen automatically once your in-app balance reaches $0.00

- You are billed automatically. For your convenience we made it so you don’t need to additionally confirm any of the payments you make. The first charge to your account is made once you launch the campaign. Once you run out of your current balance, you are billed again.

Can I change my daily budget?

You can change daily budget at any time. If the app determines that your campaign can be more successful with a bigger budget, it will send you a notification. You can increase or decrease your Daily Budget at any time from the billing section of your dashboard. You won’t be immediately billed when you change the daily budget – the app will wait till your balance is $0.00. 

Running ads

What aspects of my Campaign can I customize?

Currently, our app works in a pretty clear and simple way – everything is set automatically. However, at the same time, it is possible that you need more customization, in this article you can find all the things you can customize.

How do I use dynamic tags?

With RetargetApp you can set special {{tags}} to Campaign Ad Message, that will upload a necessary parameter based on the product that the viewer sees in his ad.

Here’s a list of all the tags you can use:

  • {{product.name}} – name of the product (just like it is displayed in your store)
  • {{product.price}} – price of the product
  • {{product.current_price}} – price of the product with a discount (if the discount is set)

If you use tags in your ad message, you can make the retargeting campaign more personal for each of the visitors and have more chances that the potential customer will return to your website.

Learn more on how to use the dynamic tags here

How do I write an ad message?

If you thought that ad messages are just an insignificant addition to your ad, think again. Two lines of text can bring you more sales than a perfectly made product image. Here’s what you need to keep in mind when designing a successful ad copy:

Do not:

  • use something that’s not yours. Do not use words like ‘Facebook’, Poke’, ‘Wall’ or any other copyrighted materials or trademarks. Key to success is originality, not copying.
  • mention anything you wouldn’t like your kids to see. There should be no sign of drugs, alcohol, tobacco and smoking paraphernalia, weapons, adult entertainment and services, illegal and prescription medicine etc. in your ad message.
  • be rude or abusive. Be nice to your potential audience, use proper grammar and spelling, don’t go too “fancy” on the text and never insult the users or emphasize their gender, racial. ethnical or cultural difference.

Instead, try to:

  • interest your customer. Make the message appealing and eye-catching. Use dynamic tags to personalize the message for each user.
  • engage your customer. Ask questions (Are you ready to buy? Why not give it another look?), include call to action (Shop Now! Buy it today! Come check it out!)
  • convince your customer. Make sure you list information about special offers, promos and perks like free delivery.

Got questions? Read more or contact us!