DOs and DON’Ts for your ad message

Your ad message is more than just a couple of lines about your store – it’s a powerful tool that urges more users to click on your ads, and, as a result, brings you more sales. In the same way, however, a poorly written ad copy can ruin your campaign and even may cause trouble with Facebook since it, for one reason or another, doesn’t comply with Facebook Ads Policies.

Here’s a list of DOs and DON’Ts you should keep in mind when creating your ad message:


  1. Make the message relatively short. Even though there is no actual limit on the number of characters, messages that are longer than 500 symbols, can be partly hidden on smaller screens
  2. Make the message appealing and, if possible, humorous
  3. Include questions to the user
  4. Include up-to-date information about special deals, sales and promos
  5. Include the information about perks for customers, like gift packaging or free delivery
  6. Include dynamic product tags
    • {{}} – name of the product (just like it is displayed in your store
    • {{product.price}} – price of the product{{product.current_price}} – price of the product with a discount (if the discount is set)
    • {{product.current_price}} – price of the product with a discount (if the discount is set)
  7. Set up a promo code for a small discount (5-10%) to engage the users.
  8. Include emoji. To check whether a certain emoji is shown correctly, please, contact Support.
  9. Include call to action, e.g. Check it out! Shop Now! Hurry up! Come back! etc.
  10. Mind your audience. Do not promote restricted products or services to minors
  11. Stay relevant. Make your ad message about your products, not some general notions and ideas


  1. Include word “Facebook” and all similar and Facebook-related words, such as “Like”, “Poke”, “Wall”, “FB” etc., even as a part of a promo code.
  2. Overdo with capital letters and other forms of “gimmicky” text.
  3. Use bad grammar and spelling. Same refers to fowl language, insults and provocative statements. General guideline is very simple – be nice.
  4.  Make unrealistic promises, claims of fast recovery,  weight loss, quick profit, perfect body etc.
  5.  Promote the sale or use of alcohol, tobacco, illegal, recreational and prescription drugs, as well as any other prohibited and restricted substances.
  6.  Mention any products (e.g. weapons and ammunition) or services (e,g. lotteries, dating etc.) specifically prohibited by Facebook Ads Guidelines
  7. Emphasize gender, ethnic, cultural or professional differences of the user.
  8.  Violate copyright and/or trademarks.

Don’t just stop on one option. Write a few, change them every once in a while and see, which one is more effective. If you need ad message suggestions, you can always ask us for them.

Have any questions?

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