Can I use 2 or more retargeting apps at a time?

No. There are two good reasons for that:

  • Retargeting apps may use similar pixel settings, which may end up influencing the data reported by each of the pixels. RetargetApp pixel works perfectly well with other pixels, but we cannot guarantee that other retargeting apps work well when RetargetApp is installed
  • If you run two identical campaigns with two different service providers, this may cause an audience overlap – i.e. two ads with the same products will “compete” to be shown to the same user and you will pay a lot for this competition. This, in the long run, may bring the retargeting campaign(s) efficiency to 0 and even be a reason for Facebook disabling your Ad Account

Experimenting and finding the right app for you is a good idea, especially if you are only starting out. However, make sure that when you are testing one retargeting app, all the other apps are removed from your store.

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