The ad was declined

If you received an e-mail notification saying that your ad had been declined or the “Declined” status appeared on your dashboard, it means that for some reason Facebook didn’t find your products, website’s main page and/or Facebook page appropriate for advertising. Don’t panic – this doesn’t necessarily mean that you cannot run a retargeting campaign.

To begin with, please, review your ad message and make sure that it fits all the RetargetApp Ad Message guidelines. Modify it if necessary.

Next, you need to review your website (main page and product images) and Facebook page connected to the campaign to make sure that they are all in full compliance with Facebook Advertising Policies. If something needs to be corrected, please, do it.

Once you are done, please, contact Support and ask us to re-submit your ad for approval. Support specialist may also help you indicate the areas with the room for improvement.

If you feel that your ad was not approved or declined by mistake, please, contact Support immediately.

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