Am I RetargetApp ready?

We at RetargetApp value your time and try our best to boost your sales. That is why, based on our previous experience, we created a short 15-point checklist for you to go through before you run a campaign with us. It won’t take you more than 5 minutes to complete. So, let’s go!


My store is powered by Shopify. I understand that RetargetApp will not work for me if URL redirects to a website that is not powered by Shopify.

My store is actively working. I am aware that the ads won’t deliver if my subscription is expired or if the website is under construction.

My store has at least 100 visitors daily. I understand that website audience is a key to the success of the campaign. I am prepared to take measures to increase my daily visitor count if necessary.

Facebook page

I understand that I will need to grant RetargetApp access to my Facebook business page. I realize that this is done to let RetargetApp advertise on behalf of my Facebook page. If I don’t have a business page, I will need to create one.

I know that RetargetApp will never use my personal profile for any purpose other than getting the list of available Facebook pages.

I understand that the Facebook page I select doesn’t define the list of products shown in the campaign. I know what products are shown in the ads.

My page is published and is open to all locations. It is relevant to my store content.

Product images

I understand that Facebook uses the main product image from my website for each of the products advertised via RetargetApp. The only way to change the image in the ad is to change the main product image on my website.

I made sure that my images are ad-ready, i.e. that they are relevant to my products and comply with Facebook recommendations for images. I understand that badly set up images can cause problems in delivery or be a reason for a campaign decline.


I understand that Facebook has Ads Policy that defines what’s allowed and prohibited in the ads. I have read it carefully and understand that, if the ads fail to comply with the policy, my ad can be declined and my ad account within RetargetApp may be disabled. I have also made sure that no prohibited (drugs, nudity, weapons etc.)  or restricted (alcohol, supplements, branded content etc.) content is placed on my website’s main page.


I understand that RetargetApp is not a free service and that I need to pay for using it even if I am running a 14-day free trial of Shopify. I know how the billing works.

I am aware that the first payment for the app is made when the campaign that I launched is approved and becomes active.

I know that the first and all consecutive payments are calculated in the following way:

(Daily budget x 7 days) + 10% RetargetApp Fee = Total Payment

Once my balance reaches $0.00, I will be automatically billed again unless I pause the campaign.

Ad message

I read the guidelines on ad message creation. My ad message is appropriate and complies with Facebook Ads Policy.

If you agreed with all the points, you can go ahead and set up your first campaign with us :)

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